At Kilco Builders, we are able to supply and install foul and surface water drainage for new builds in Thames Valley and surrounding area.

Whether you are building a small extension or a whole new house, it's extremely important to consider your drainage options at an early stage of the new build development. Failure to do so can have significant implications on the layout of the site.

Such issues and problems are identified in the preliminary drainage assessment report. During this assessment, the position of existing public sewers in the area is taken into consideration and we work closely with the water company to identify a suitable point of connection.

As part of the drainage installation process, we are able to cater for both foul and surface water. The foul water sewer system disposes of water from the toilet, bath, shower, kitchen sink, washing machine and/or dishwasher, whereas the surface water sewer system disposes of rainwater from the roof, driveway, patio, etc.

All of our drainage installations meet or exceed the requirements of the Building Regulations and are carried out by tradesmen who have years of experience in the trade and are fully trained and qualified. Furthermore, all of our work is fully guaranteed and is covered by public liability insurance.

For further information about Kilco Builders' drainage service in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and surrounding area, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01753 644673. We are always happy to help.